Underdog Fantasy League Info

I have 100 slots open in the Underdog Fantasy League to start. It is FREE to play but not free for me to set up so I’ve capped it at 100 for now. The format is a salary cap-based fantasy league where you pick three drivers while staying under the salary cap amount. I always struggle with what teams to include so you may find some decent middle of the pack teams available to pick from just so we aren’t all picking Ross Chastain, Landon Cassill and Corey Lajoie every week.

Scoring format for a driver includes the standard scoring for finishing position (i.e. 40th = 1 point, 1st = 40 points) AND then 1 point is added or subtracted for every position the driver gained or lost from where they qualified.

So if Driver X qualified 36th, finished 25th, they’d net 12 points for the finishing position plus 11 points for moving up 11 positions during race for a total of 23 points.

PRIZES. This year I’m doubling the number of hero cards available for those who finish in the top-10 in points:

UFL Champion: Choice of 20 hero cards

2nd Place: Choice of 18 hero cards

3rd Place: Choice of 16 hero cards

4th place: Choice of 14 hero cards

5th place: Choice of 12 hero cards

6th place: Choice of 10 hero cards

7th place: Choice of 8 hero cards

8th place: Choice of 6 hero cards

9th place: Choice of 4 hero cards

10th: place Choice of 2 hero cards

All teams, even if you played last year need to start from scratch and login using the link and league information below.

New Team Login

League Code: TRUFL

Password: Daytona1

Thanks for playing!

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